~ All Asian girls are beautiful

OK, so Asian women are absolutely beautiful, right?  I mean that is nothing new.  And before anyone out there gets mad because they think I am objectifying, then hell, I guess I am.  But it is a compliment.  And anyone who knows me knows I love Asian ladies not just because of their beauty but also because of the way they are, their values, their intellect, their class.  I could go on.  But hey this is a society where outward beauty is judged as well, fairly or unfairly, and add to that outward beauty of Asian women their inner beauty, and I carry no guilt.  So forgive me if you wish, or don’t if you don’t wish.

A couple days ago in the break room, a bunch of us got into a conversation about Asian girls.  And FYI, included in the chat were a few girls, including a girl from Taiwan.  So there.  We had received a number of emails over time about a girl from this country or whose parents were from that one, some guy saying Chinese girls were the prettiest Asian girls, another Korean, another Japanese, you get it.  So we started talking about that.  Which Asian girls are the prettiest?

Now as a disclaimer, I told the group, and they told me I was a copout, I said I couldn’t answer, that they all were equally stunning.  And even though I was called a coward for not taking a stand, I truly meant it.  They are all amazing to me.  But the others got into it.  And before the whole deal started we all apologized in advance to our Chinese Taiwan co-worker and she said, “No worries, bring it on, losers.”  So one of our programmers immediately said Vietnamese girls.  No surprise there.  We all knew he loved them.  The guy is as white as they come, he was from Texas.  They had this influx of immigrants from Vietnam some years back and he had this Vietnamese girlfriend in high school and only dated Vietnamese girls and had a Vietnamese wife, lol.  What else would he say?  Another guy said Malaysia.  Our admin manager said, Korean girls.  Ever since that Psy video, Gangnam Style, and all those hot Korean dancers, and damn they were hot, he just couldn’t get over those girls.  His dream is to go to South Korea and bring one of them back.  Good luck with that, Benny.

One of the girls chimed saying Japanese girls.  She loved their long straight black hair, lol.  Chinese said the girl from Taiwan.  Big shock.  The boss came in and said Indonesian girls.  He had been there some years back and would tell us stories.  Maybe he was right.  I said, “What about Filipinas?”  They are in that group.  Our HR guy said, “Yep, Filipinas.”  Another guy said girls from Thailand.  Can’t be beat.  Another girl who works with us said what about Laotian and Cambodian girls?  True that.  The boss added Singapore.  A couple other people came in and we heard Japanese and Korean and Chinese and Filipinas again.

Look, they are all lovely and they are all sweet, whether they are there or whether they are here in the good old USA.  If you like Asian women, or if you want to know if you do, we have several free sites that we recommend here: DateSitesReview.com – Asian Dating.  By the way, this is a pretty good site to join: AsianDating.com.  So, find your lovely Asian girl.  You will not be sorry.

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