~ The Asia tour

A buddy of mine went on a sex tour to a few Asian countries a few years ago.  Let me add right away that I do not recommend or endorse or condone anything like this and I don’t even think anyone needs to do it; there are plenty of women here and not as hookers if you look properly.  This is just a story, things he told me.  Anyway, he went with a friend of his who had done it before and arranged it all for the two of them.  They hit Japan, Hong Kong, Thailand and the Philippines.  It was a two week tour.  My buddy decided about 6 or 7 years ago that he would never get married and just wanted to enjoy himself, and what is his enjoyment?  Sex.  He makes enough money so that he can travel around – he does it a lot, and after some rough patches in his life, he just wants to be happy and have fun.  And what is that happiness and fun.  Yes, sex.

Now the guy loves all women, but especially Asian women.  And it’s not because of some stereotype like submissiveness, but simply because he loves petite women, and he feels he can always find what he likes with more Asian women than others.  And there are others, non-Asian petite women, plenty, but this is his view.  By the way, if you read my column from a couple weeks back, you may remember a story about a friend’s brother who loves Asian women.  This is my buddy, the brother of that guy.  Maybe it’s a family thing, lol.

So anyway, he went on this tour.  He went to different places to meet different women in the different countries and cities, and he found two places where things were great, one terrible.  Now mind you, this was a sex tour, basically going to certain countries and hitting the hookers from the bars and clubs, legal in the areas with women of legal age.  He was careful to be sure everyone was over 18 and he says they were.  And he was never one to put himself at risk with any authorities by dabbling in things that were not legal.  And by the way, I am not here to judge any other risks he takes by doing what he did and still does.  He tells me that everyone who looks to hook up does the same if they buy dinner and flowers, etc. before a date that is for sure one that will end up in sex.

The great places with the nicest cutest girls were in Thailand and the Philippines.  The worst was in Japan.  Even though he said in Japan they have these places you can go to where you are in a huge tub and as many women as you want are naked with you and wash you which he felt was very erotic, to them when it came right down to it, it was all about the job, money.  He understands that money is a big deal for these things but unlike the girls in Thailand and the Philippines, he always felt they were on the job.  He couldn’t get comfortable with the things said and queried.  The Thai girls and the Filipinas didn’t focus on the cash, they just seemed to enjoy themselves and wanted to have fun too.  That made it fun for him.  Those girls were also more personable, and happy.

Look, it could be he went to the wrong place in Japan, and that where he was in Thailand and the Philippines the girls fooled him.  Maybe.  But his friend who was with him felt the same with those he encountered.  My buddy spent plenty of dough, several thousand bucks, but I think, I know he could have found sweet Asian hookups right here in the good ol’ USA had he just joined one or more of the free Asian dating sites we review on this site.  You can find your Asian lovely lady for a hookup or something else by joining one or more sites here – DateSitesReview.com – Asian Dating Sites.  You will end up happy and you won’t have to mortgage your house to do it or travel around the world.  🙂

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